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How to Enjoy the Bodies of Water Around Vacaville

You can find several beautiful bodies of water near Vacaville, California. These are ideal places for enjoying nature, viewing beautiful scenery, spending time with friends and family, and getting some exercise. Here are some great ways to enjoy the bodies of water in the Vacaville area.


The Suisun Waterfront has a pier and a boat launch, and it’s only about 15 minutes away from Vacaville. You can go fishing or take a boat to Grizzly Island. It’s around half an hour away, and there are several different species of fish here. These include brown bullhead, striped bass, white sturgeon, largemouth bass, and black crappie. The fishing is great all year, but you’ll have more success in spring and early summer.

At Lagoon Valley in Vacaville, only non-motorized boating is allowed. You can fish from a kayak or the shore while you enjoy the peace and quiet. If you feel like fly fishing, visit Putah Creek. It’s 20 minutes from Vacaville, near Lake Berryessa. You can also go hiking next to the creek, skip rocks along the water’s surface, or climb one of the large Putah Creek Boulders. You will need a fishing license if you’re more than 16 years old.


Lake Berryessa is in the Napa Valley, about an hour from Vacaville. This reservoir formed in the 1950s after the Monticello Dam was constructed, and it provides water and electricity to the area. You can go boating, water skiing, or wake-boarding here. At the Pleasure Cove Marina, you can rent a boat or a jet ski for a fun day out on the water. Camping options and houseboat or cabin rentals are available as well.

Wildlife Viewing

Lake Berryessa has a 2,000-acre wildlife area along its east side, so it’s ideal for viewing wildlife. You can see hawks, eagles, songbirds, wild turkeys, and more. The San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge is around half an hour away from Vacaville. This 11,000-acre tidal marsh has a variety of waterfowl, birds, and mammals, and the area is beautiful and secluded.

The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area is also about half an hour away in Davis. It covers 16,000 acres, and it’s a great place to see toads, bats, snakes, turtles, and birds. Other animals you might encounter include rabbits, muskrats, voles, opossums, squirrels, beavers, coyotes, otters, and raccoons. Scientists and students on field trips often visit, and this is a great place for taking attractive photos.


The water in Lake Berryessa reaches 75 degrees in the summer, and there are several beaches with concession areas. If you prefer a beach that’s closed to powerboats, visit the Brannan Island State Recreation Area. It’s also popular for fishing and boating, and parking, bathrooms, picnic areas, and campsites are nearby.

You can visit these bodies of water at any time of year, and a variety of activities are available. Spending a little time outside is an excellent way to reduce your stress, have fun, and improve your fitness level. You can also find out about the ecology of the area, including the plants and animals that live there.

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How to Enjoy the Bodies of Water Around Vacaville - Dodge Chrysler Jeep of Vacaville

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